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Andreina Gomez - writer, director

Project Title: Teresita and the Piano

Synopsis: “Teresita and the Piano” begins with a girl prodigy from Caracas called Teresa Carreño, someone who later stood as a milestone in romanticism around the world. We will join her through her life journey around six countries (Venezuela, USA, Cuba, France, UK and Germany) as a teenage composer, a female artist, a wife, a mother, a piano teacher and a war pianist. A child pianist and five women: piano players, singers, musicologists and
composers will help us weave the story together with animation scenes that will capture magic encounters between “the piano” and “the music”, illustrating the
resemblance between the current times and Teresa’s life, showing how female musicians still face the same situations that Teresa lived during de 19th century.

Genre: Documentary (Feature Film) 


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