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Clarissa Duque - Writer, Director

Project Title: Se Me Olvidó Que Te Olvidé (I Forgot That I Forgot You)

Release Date: TBD

Genre: Documentary (Feature Film)

The grandmother dies, the impossibility of being at the funeral makes it harder to assimilate her death, until one day I perceive a scent of jasmine flowers that brings back memories of her presence and, simultaneously, her absence. The smell slowly dissipates leaving behind the fear of forgetting her

which triggers another one even worse. The fear of losing the whole memory as my grandmother did and now, little by little is also my mom and all the women in my family doing. 


So begins the investigation of the world of the memory and the deserts of oblivion. I meet several cases of memory loss where its characters show different nuances of how it can manifest. My own fear to forget grows and begins an obsessive quest to record everything with my camera, a way of protecting the information somehow.

I jump into a trip through the different types of memory, looking at surrealistic images that help me to understand the memory in other ways. I see those memories alive in the stories of different people, in the collective memory of a country and even the world. I see objects that are loaded with memories that tell their own stories and even a dog who does not forget the smell of its owner. I travel through the memory, sensing that in what we do in our daily lives, in everything we do, we remember and forget.


"The advantage of a bad memory is to get the repetitive joy from the same things." (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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