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Maria Ruiz - Writer, Director

Project Title: Des(pecho)trucción


  • Selected in 25 film festivals

  • Winner:

    • Municipal Award “David Suárez” (2014) for Best Fiction Short Film in Caracas, Venezuela.

    • Best Experimental Short Film Award (2014) at the 21th San Diego Latino Film Festival. San Diego, California.

    • Nominated at The International Experimental Film Festival from the Florean Art Museum, as the Best Experimental Short Film (2014), Baia Mare, Rumania

Release Date: 2013

Genre: Fiction (Short Film) 

Synopsis: She wants to forget Gabriel. She starts mutilating all the items that make her to remember him: books, music, movies, his house... even her own clitoris. Everything. 'To forget about Gabriel I would have to cry so much, to the point he becomes salt and water in a folded napkin after blowing my nose'. She stated, before taking us to the last level of destruction: a cemetery-like room with items and fiction characters, and right there, among the ruins, she finds something: a plot twist... a secret.

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