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Finding Forever Homes


Nina (25 years old) wakes up from a nightmare. In the darkness, she hears disturbing noises. She turns on the light on the bedside table and finds she is surrounded by seven monsters that growl and stalk her.

From that moment, a series of confrontations between Nina and the monsters occur, until, tired of being subjugated and harassed, Nina finally "monster-fies" and manages to frighten and contain them. She's able to get the monsters to collaborate to restore the order of their space: clean the entire house and leave it impeccable. A process of "domestication" of these wild and aggressive creatures begins. One day Nina wakes up and cannot find the monsters anywhere: she desperately looks for them throughout the apartment, in every possible place. The monsters are gone.

however, while she sleeps, they may still be with her. These same monsters, now "domesticated",

take care of her: they dress her well, close the curtains, and turn off the television.


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