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We are a production company that is born from a passion. We fall in love with stories, with people, and with ideas and we will give all we have in order to be able to work with them, about them, and for them.

It all depends on the glass you're looking through. 


This is how we work, with the need to focus stories from a different look or perspective, and we truly believe that the environment invites us to do so. This way we define, little by little, the glass through which AWA sees.

We love transforming, into images, both our own visions and those born within our clients. We know that a good idea only knows the language of talent and for that reason we offer all our effort, creativity and talent to guarantee quality and originality in the final result.

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Clarissa Duque_edited.jpg


The founder of AWA has brought together a talented crew of different skills but with the same passion. Their productions have participated and won in prestigious film festivals around the world. Her background as an art director brings a rich visual to our productions in which she influences the narrative and creative development.


With a background in audio and software engineering, Karl brings his organizational skills to AWA to ensure that all processes are met with excellence. His kindness makes communication between the client and AWA a joy.




With a degree in Visual Arts and a sensitive soul to see beyond the sighted, Antonella brings her creativity to the area of ​​post-production.She brings her narrative and visual creativity to AWA.

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